What price the safeguard of competition.

Somewhere in Ottawa is situated a department instituted to safeguard economic competition among other types of competition.. My last look at this web site showed that the Department also networke with other institutions such as the Better Business Bureau. Nevertheless, some person not unknown found it possible to push a private members' bill known as Bill 58 through the House and had it accepted and passed into law. On my last enquiry the bill was not rescinded, although there was some talk about this happening.

Why was this ?  Bill 58 blocked certain Accounting Institutions such as the IMA/CMA and the ACCA and imposed certain restrictions as the use of Management Accounting and the introduction and advertisement of such designations in the application for publicly advertised jobs. In the first case a

number of the imposing association work in the US without such conditions, secondly one of the confined Associations, which is the largest in the World, training individuals in more than 169 countries in the World at an unprecedented leval of information and with unparrelled accredition must suffer these conditions withpout recourse. The other is one of the oldest accounting bodies in the World. Thirdly, this group is said to be within the Ontario Cma which is powerful enough to taint the entire group.

Since I completed a term as president of the Trinidad and Tobago Chapter and was entirely ignored when I became a Canadian Citizen annd was asked to enquire of a matter for the T&T Chapter which bordered on discrimination Too late now, as the situation was reported to the Chapter.What is wrong with us Canadians ? What is so different about Management Accounting that they should exist in this glorified atmosphere and why has nothing been done at the proper levels to ensure proper competition ?

My cha;;enge is the same, send me your comments in email to  srob621793@aol.com   with the subject line  "competition ? yes". I dare you to do this and will accept  your silence , also to send to the Chapter in Trinidad.

The Competition Bureau's e-mail address is    media@cb-bc.gc.ca 

If you have been affected by this situation I can offer legal advice through Legal Shield which is legal protection 24 hours a day . Go to Notes Art Controversy  on this website and visit the following


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There I was sitting in my first Psycholy Class when Dr...................directed that we take a look at the persons to the right and left of us, because only one of us will make it through University.What he did not say is that the other two will be relegated to the Cheating Community. In my day there was no computer, not yet , anyway but the telephone  was the main instrument for scams.

Today the percentage remained the same, one in three, except that the one getting through was also susceptible to becoming a memberof the cheating community, made easy on the computer. As GPS said , let us begin. Beta testersare invited. A beta tester is one who tests some new program, free in many cases without having to pay for the program. However, when this invitation is pursued you must subscribe and pay for the program you intent to test.

Keep away from  $ 1.00 subscriptions, you will eventually have to pay huge fees for web hosting with which all these $ 1.00 programs work and you will need a web site, not your own. Then Copyscape, a new term also. I was subject to this as I could not use a paragraph in my research example, the thing is that the copied paragraph was stolen, cheated, borrowed from  a blog on my own website! Obviously continuous surveillance were made of private web sites which carried  blogs to steal, borrow ? , cheat all or any paragraph they ( the theives) required.

What can you do ? I suggest you read the legals carefully and extract those paragraps which refer to your circumstances. Many of us do not read them at all.These proposals come under the heading of spurious advertising which is punishable by law, both in the US and in Canada. In the US you can report these instances to the FBI and to Interpol and  in Canada to the local Police and CSIS or the RCMP. There is also a nebulous body called Web Administration but I have not been able to find these people. You may also seek the help of the Better Business Bureau  which is a private group formed of the business people themselves. Please bear in mind that I refer to the banks also, as i was bribed into doing a survey for a promise of a money lottery which results have never been published.

If you require further information from my research files send your request by e-mail with the subject line " cheating community". I will decide if a charge is requiredor if the excercise should be done and will inform you accordingly, then I will send the information on receipt and clearance of the required payment made by dirict chque to my address.

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