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*Several uses of photoart were shown above :

*shifting of the sailor dressed in yellow from the lrft to the right of thepicture.

* deeping the colour of the hills without overspill

* change of photograph to picture done in water color.

* addition of the New Guinea birds of paradfise as ornaments to the costumes.

*There are several more which are very useful to other branches of the Arts

such as fashion and architecture.

*There are also several advantages in using reality situations and making subtle changes to enhance various aspects of the subject.

* If you are interested please fill the form on the site and send me a valid check of $15.00 CAD to the address on the form and I will return a disc to you which will contain these and more ways of effecting photoart.

These effects depend on how good the basic picture is.

Please pursue the web addresses given on the othe side which will help you in taking great pictures.


If you can tell what were omitted from the last picture above to make it better

and how it should be done, I will send you the disc mentioned above for a $1.00 CAD check. This offer will be made for two days from the day this page is published.

 the contest is over. See the finished work and draw you conclusions.

no do not go. Here are some of the pictures from "the musings of Elton "Smokey " John Panman"    Concert in the Park. 



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