The devil is working at bell. No !!!!!! You be the judge. My Samsung Android   has been giving  trouble for sometime , on or before October 2013 it began to drop calls and although I had to pay an additional  $5.00 on both the phone and the tablet I was always on a roundabout to register with my bell, all to no good.

Sometime in November, 2013 I frustratingly called through my bell site (dedicated ?) bell line for an on line technician and one of the imps answered. After going the cyber rounds, he devishly said, I quote "Mister, I cannot help you" I did not know it then, but his was the imp in the foreground. Nevertheless , I continued to pay my bill all the way, including December with no arrears.Then in late December , I tried again, through my bell account to the  (dedicated line ?) and spoke to the devil himself, I think, because he said in short shrift that the lines were fixed, phone and tablet , working like a dream. The devil said I am giving you December"s bill off andJanuary toMarch I did not ask for any such thing and cominjg from bell in retrospect, I almost collapsed. I had him repeat his concession three times, so much so he askedif I was hearing him.

Who else but the devil this could be. December I already paid, January I received no bill , but in February I got a call from a female imp, who asked me about my outstanding bill. I related my experience  and she replied " that those guys must know what they are doing". No cohesiveness in hell, not strange , but then I got another call later that month, which I cut short telling that imp to send me a letter and my lawyer will answer it. Then a letter , promptly passed to the lawyer and he wrote bell. You wwill not believe this, I received a voice message asking me to call a number as if to report a complaint about a broken service, which I had done so many times before and also on the merry go round  between bell and Samsung, instead of a written reply from bell. Imust have spoken to bell in hell because those lines are dedicated linesto online technicians.

Incidentally one of the imps  said that there were no notes. This cliched the situation, if after all those calls there were no notes made by bell, then I must have called hell and spoke to satan. Wanna bet ? This is an absolute denial of truth and personal pride, two of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and I must reiterate the degradation of the consumer, on whom your business, was, is  and will be built, to a soundless, voiceless, statistic.

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Please see the letters hereunder.

The payments were made yet for a full week afterwards the Collection Agency continued to call.

My take to anyone experiencing this problem, avoid contacting the online  "expert ". Take your defective units to a Bell Public Store and if you get a response from

the attendants that they are unable to solve your problem, you should TERMINATE the contract.

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