Health  and Fitness



Health and fitness is a very inportant perspective in today's world, which have attained an epic of obesity and a fight for

spirituality. Yes they do go hand in hand as you will see that St. Paul was very concerned  with this perspective.

Personally I experienced several years of bodybuilding and weightlifting as well as competing in cricket, soccer,

basketball,table tennis and swimming.

I have pushed 350 lbs. off my chest, dead lifted over 1,000 lbs, bench squatted over 1,000 lbs and at one time had 

17" guns.. I also suggest that isometics, cardiovascular, streches and the martial arts should round off any physical

regime. There are also perks ,because  I coached weight training for the UfT fitness program, I met Barry Morse and several top

canadian actors in the Three Physicists and knocked elbows with the master of Karate who invited me 

Now for controversy.

Atlast I have found a competitor for Bell and it saddens me because the store font gave me encouragement, but a failure once more.

Hub Pages deceived. Here was I cranking out 14 pieces, published by.....Hub Pages , making me a featured artist and believing that I

could contribute to the development of the steelpan,, spread my faith and relate my experiences  and after signing a lot of nonsense papers

including an invitation to join AdSense it turned out that Web Pages is just a skim of artist. I will be posting copies of  my procedure from

the letter to Web Pages, the letter from my Lawyers, my approach to the Better Business Bureau and the reply from Web Pages which is

the same reply I received at the out set to a request to be paid for  my efforts.

My wife warned me that I was spending time with inconsequentials, that this was a journey into LA La Land, but what happened to Frank

Sinatra ?

I hope this experience will protect some new writers that this world sorely needs now , from exploitation.

In the words of John Donne, "I may not agree with what you are saying, but I will defend with my life, your right to say it"

Stay with me for a while . For now I will post on one of my pages one of my pieces which I did after a visit to Martyrs Shrine  to Midland.

This is page 1 of 7 with all my notes and changes. Please read the ads on the various pages. Thanks.

Please note the date on the document at the top, from the Hub Pages web site and their instrutions as of October 2013.



Lets go. Till next time.  

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