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Again and Again and Yet.........Again

The housing market is overheated, the correct term is overvalued, therefore the values must now be adjusted. What does this mean ? A  Commitment of $1 M

must now be adjusted to  less than 1 M, lets say $ 700.000. On the face of things, this seems possible, an accounting adjustment, a flurry of papers and a

re-registration of costs, lawyers' fees and so on, but are these all ? Against what are these costs written off? How was the cost of $ 1M  arrived at in the

first case? Surely they, the gurus did not say that the cost of real estate is going up by 20 % therefore, we will tack on 20% on the market cost of the

house. This is inane and puerile. They will now have to examine all the cost to obtain the costs which genuinely increased and decide where they will make

the cuts, bearing in mind that from now on this will be the cost leader. What a mess ? Certainly additional fees will be expected and re-registration of the

expected costs.

What about the investors, will they now be satisfied with the reduction of the ROI ? This is the sticking point and a haven for fancy accounting which will

not stand up to  analyses. Just hold this, I will return to it. The overheating of the housing market is nothing new and is a by product of the manipulation  which

takes lace in the motor vehicle sector.  The cost of a vehicle is reduced when a particular model which is less costly, in many cases as much as  $7,000.00.

How did this happen  ? It was just the vicissitudes of the business, really ? The situation is that the new model, more technologically advanced was not as

costly. The consumer is tied to his commitment. What do the investors think? Less return, less ROI and we are back again. Nevertheless the cost should

be adjusted as it effects the entire economy and  not only the particular sectors, especially in the leading sectors of housing and motor vehicles.

The managers suggest the bright idea of taking up the cost of accounting for the entire business and contracting it into the latest return on investment,

which was neither innovative or moral and was like a boil waiting to erupt to the surface of the skin.

A laborer is worthy of his hire and the present direct cost must be incurred and met now and not postponed into some future investment which may or may

not be worthwhile.

Of course, excess valuation of costs can be accumulated and written off against future sales with all the relevant pitfalls but aren't theses three instances

the same? Housing............overvalue.....true cost,   Motor vehicle.........true costs (?) overvalue..............discounted. ROI.......higher...............true return.

One can imagine the satisfaction of the lawyers. Work for so, as we say in local parlance.

These immoralities are indications of a greater disease, the killing of the baby in the womb and dividing the parts for cash in a petri dish. One wonders of

the charity of the Lord, who promised that though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be made as white as snow and we ask , how long Lord ? He said

not 7 times 7 but 70 times 70. J.M. Keynes  or G.M. Keynes advised that we should get it right the first time, fortunately there is a second time, will we

get it right this time, as these words echo through the centuries   " Father.....forgive them as they know not what they do  "

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