Computer presented a glimpse of The Greatest Show on Earth in the Twin Island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Guests are reminded of the following:

1. Wire Bending.    A DVD is available on payment of $ 10.00 CAD.Reach me by e-mail  and put Wire Bending on the subject line.

2.  Camboulay        A DVD is available on payment of$ 5.00 CAD as are the pctures. E-mail me at with Camboulay as the subject.

3.   Panorama 2013.  A DVD is available from  for complete instructions.

4.   Soca  Monarch 2013.  A slide show is presented here but DVDs are available from TUCO. Try their web site for directions.

5.  Kings and Queens 2013. These pictures are available at a nominal rate. E-mail me at with Kings and Queens 2013 as the subject.

6.  Jour Ouvert.  A DVD is available on payment of $ 7.00 CAD as are the pictures at a nominal rate. E-mail me at with Jour Ouvert

      on the subject line.

7.  On De Road. A DVD is available on payment of $ 15.00 CAD as are the pictures  at the usual nominal rate. E-mail me at with

      On De Road on the subject line.

8.  Check out the Amway website at for nutrilite supplements which replace lost energy in a hurry. If you require further information e-mail me at with IBO Srob Amway on the subject line.

The Band Leaders are to be commended for their evangelism as several of their subjects include a reminder that Our Lord and Saviour is intensely interested

in all human endeavors.

Our Guests are reminded also that many of the techniques used in the production of these pictures are taught and explained at the sites listed hereunder. 

9. This is a big one  for a few $s a month you can have total access to legal direction by any means available or necessary from the

 Please e-mail me at with Legal Shield on the subject line.

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