Gold and Silver Bullion

............Gold is not found in limitless quantities in the present world, supply is

about 160,000 tonnes which is about  2 metres short of a tennis court if

placed in a cube but that is all the gold in the world. 

..........Siver was used as the oldest mass produces form of coinage since the

time of the Greeks

The oldest coins in the Western World were minted in the Kingdom of Lydia

in Asia Minor around 600 BCE. These coins were of mixed gold and silver,

perhaps a reaon why they were so popular among collecters.............

Bed Base

A bed base is the part of a bed that supports the matress. The bed base is

itselfheld in place and framed by the bedstead. In the United States box spring bed bases aaaare very common.

In Europe, spring slats are much more common but these are placed in a

wooden base. 


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