In the near future I will be discussing some pointers on the preparation of Curriculum Vitae and for interviews.

Step 1 (could this be step bullet ? No  ) The Self Audit

Of course, this is simply listing in any order or grouping, everything you know about yourself, including the anticipated responsible rules you impose on yourself eg. academic accomplishment in detail, subjects studied even before academic accreditation such as content writing in different languages or historical content, including one or two years spent in chemistry, physics or theology and so on. Then time spent in sport both in and out of school and other activities, now referred to as outside of the box eg. service in the St. Viuncent De Paul Society or the Alterboys Club or even the Library Club. In a nutshell everything you did or intended to do. These can then be placed in one of five sections which should utilize not more than two or thre pages, no more.

Some people talk about one page. If you reflect on this you would relize that no student graduating from high school or beyond could condense their life time into one page..

We will go tnto the five headings next time.

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Step 2  What are those five headings.

1. Our life goals and how it harmonizes with the reason for writing this cv. eg. My life intention is to eventually become a doctor of neurology. To this end I have directed my studies and pursued extra curricula activities whic will give the background and prepare me for life in this field.

This job requires  *




of which I have  the qualifications which are shown hereunder :

* Academic qualification 

*Extra curricula activities

* Voluntary activites to contribute

Thes activities prepare and recommend me for your position at                     and will be a vibrany model to                and an ongoing example of the productive individual you require for your firm and industry

Next :notes on preparation for an interview.

Your comments and enquiries are welcomed.

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